Flood Watch Issued for Yakima and Kittitas County

Flood Watch Issued for Yakima and Kittitas County

Judy Zazzaro has lived at her Naches property for almost ten years — for her, flooding is a natural part of the Spring season.

Almost every year, her backyard becomes a pond, submerging her chicken coops, and vegetation.

“It perks up through the back and it get about three or four feet deep maybe in the back of the property,” said Zazzaro.

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for parts of our region through the end of the week — it includes, Yakima and Kittitas County.

The sharp rise in temperatures and up to and inch of predicted rain could cause streams and creeks to flood.

It shouldn’t be enough to send the Naches River over flood levels, but it isn’t stopping some from making sure they’re prepared.

“The debris coming down is pretty scary sometimes,” said Clare Weeman, “Big old full length trees, pieces of houses going by.”

Zazzaro keeps track of the flood levels by stacking wood pieces.

She says if the waters rise too much, she’s ready to move her home to higher ground — literally.

“We built our little outbuilding on a trailer,” said Zazzaro, “We just pull it out, and we have a fifth wheel for the other part.”

For those who can’t roll their homes away, county flood control says to prepare your property for the worst; seal up open areas, and keep water sensitive possessions out of reach.

“First thing is just knowing what your vulnerabilities are on your house,” said county flood control representative Dianne Woods, “The other thing is knowing where your important papers are, making sure that things aren’t down low.”

For Zazzaro, flooding is all part of the seasonal cycle.

“You just kind of live with it; it comes up, it goes down,” said Zazzaro, “It’s kind of like when you get a deep snow, you shovel out.”