Florida girl gets mustard for Christmas and her reaction is priceless

Florida girl gets mustard for Christmas

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — 4-year-old Paislee has become a foodie at a young age — specifically for mustard. So much so that Santa brought her four bottles of mustard for Christmas and her reaction is priceless.

The Florida girl ripped open the box, pulled them out and with a huge smile on her face said, “Four mustard. Yeah, baby!”

Her mom, Annmarie Lent, told KAPP-KVEW that her daughter wanted to try mustard one day on her french fry. She gave her a little bit and that’s what kickstarted the love for the condiment.

“It’s become sort of an obsession,” Lent said. “She eats it on everything, she will even have a small bowl of just mustard with every meal to dip everything or just spoon it into her mouth.”

The Palm Beach County mom posted Paislee’s reaction on Facebook and it has gone viral.

“I can’t believe something that started off as a funny gift took over the internet,” Lent said.

Lent told KAPP-KVEW she showed Paislee all the media attention from the video and was excited. But we don’t think anything will top her excitement when it comes to getting four bottles of mustard from Santa Claus.