Florida man with no arms stabs South Beach tourist with scissors

Ridiculous 911 calls
A 45-year-old Fort Myers, Florida, man was arrested in November 2014 after calling 911 three times to ask the dispatcher if she was interested in a date. During one of those calls, he reportedly asked whether she was "into handcuffs."

A Florida man with no arms managed to stab a tourist with a pair of scissors, reports the Miami Herald.

Jonathan Crenshaw, 46, is a homeless man known in South Beach for painting on canvas with his feet, drawing tourists for his unorthodox method.

Just after midnight Tuesday, Crenshaw allegedly stabbed a tourist, Cesar Coronado, with a pair of scissors. Crenshaw said the 22-year-old visiting from Chicago punched him in the head, prompting Crenshaw to pull out the weapon and stab Coronado twice. Miami Beach officers found the Coronado lying on the ground and bleeding from his arm.

Coronado claims he was only asking Crenshaw for directions when the incident occurred.

Crenshaw was arrested and booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.