Flu Season Isn’t Over Yet

Doctor: Warm Weather Can’t Stop Flu Season

Got a bad cough, sneeze, shivers?

Other flu-like symptoms?

You wouldn’t be the only one — while the weather continues to rise, and spring rolling around the corner, the flu continues to linger in our area.

Influenza hit Washington state weeks ahead of time, and doctors noticed it.

“We’ve probably had double the amount of cases, at least per the data the Yakima County Health District,” said Dr. Tanny Davenport.

State health officials say at least 120 flu related deaths have occured in the state since September, the most in at least five years.

Doctors say a number of factors contributed to that high number; for one, the vaccine.

Typically, the flu vaccine is selected weeks before the flu season —

“This year, it was based on a vaccine for type a influenza in Texas, but the virus [is more of a] Swiss-based virus,” Dr. Davenport.

Two, people are skipping their flu shots — as a result, more people are getting sick.

While we continue to wait out the remainder of the flu season, doctors say you can always take easy steps to protect yourself both at home and in the work place.

Keep your work place sterile, don’t allow grime and other germs to build up in the places you spend the most time.

Avoid as much contact with people as possible, though your friends and coworkers may not be physically sick, they can still be carriers.

And most importantly, wash your hands.

“No one can tell who is going to really have a bad case of influenza, versus people who have a minor case,” said Dr. Davenport, “The more that are sick, the more people that will be adversely affected.