Fluids your car needs and what they do

Fluids your car needs and what they do

Your vehicle needs certain fluids to keep it functioning properly. Take a look at some essential car fluids and what they do to keep your car running.

Motor oil: Motor oil is arguably the most important fluid for your car. It keeps the parts in your engine moving properly and prevents heat and friction from destroying important parts of the engine – like the pistons and valves.

Brake fluid: Brake fluid is essential to keep everyone in your vehicle safe. Without brake fluid, the vehicle may not be able to stop properly.

Coolant: Coolant moves around the engine, taking the heat from the engine and bringing it to the radiator. Without coolant, cars would overheat.

Transmission fluid: Transmission fluid flows through the transmission, cooling it down and lubricating the parts of the transmission to keep the gears functioning properly.

Power steering fluid: Power steering fluid makes it easier for drivers to turn the car. It allows the steering system to properly direct the tires where you want them to go.

Windshield wiper fluid: Your car can function without windshield wiper fluid, but driving without it can be unsafe. If you suddenly find your windshield covered in mud, dirt or another substance you will need windshield wiper fluid to clean the windshield so you can see the road ahead of you.