Foods you eat for Thanksgiving aren’t something you should feed Fido, local veterinarian says

You’re cooking or eating your Thanksgiving meal. You look over and see a pair of puppy eyes staring at you, possibly with some drool hitting the floor. Well, don’t fall for it.

Veterinarians say while the Thanksgiving food may be alright for humans to eat, that’s not the same for animals. You should avoid giving them fatty foods and replace it with a better option.

“If you want to give your pet a little treat, you know, fresh vegetables are OK,” said Horse Heaven Hills Urgent Care owner, Dr. Shiela Erickson. “Maybe some of the lean turkey or ham, but anything abnormal that they’re not used to can really upset their stomach.”

Erickson said feeding your them foods such as turkey, gravy or butter can cause serious issues. They can experience vomiting, diarrhea and shaking. Depending on your pet, it can require a visit to the vet.

During family gatherings, pets may also experience anxiety with a ton of people around.

“Pets that aren’t use to having a house full of people can get pretty stressed out so just put them in a separate room,” Erickson explained. “Keep them away from the commotion and then that solves the problem of having your pets, you know, very stressed out and nervous, as well as them having access to a whole bunch of food that they really shouldn’t be eating anyway.”

If you need to take a trip to the vet, Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care will be open. Another option is the Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Service.