Former Cancer Patients Hand Make Gifts for Patients

Former Cancer Patients Hand Make Gifts for Patients

It’s the time of year when many people decide to pay it forward by giving in any way possible.

This year, former cancer patients from the Northwest Cancer Clinic in Kennewick are giving handmade gifts to current cancer patients.

Ken Hoopingarner is one of many patients that had radiation therapy today and was greeted after his session by the gift table that included beanies, jewelry, ornaments and candy canes.

Hoopingarner said he’s grateful.

“This is what life is about, if we can help each other in any way, the small ways, they seem to help,” said Hoopingarner.

He said one of the best gifts he received was successfully finishing radiation; today was his last scheduled treatment.

“I got the great gift of health so that’s the good gift,” said Hoopingarner.

Understanding the ‘pay it forward’ idea, Hoopingarner said he will do his part in the community and may even make some gifts for patients next year.

“It makes life better for all of us if we can just do a little bit,” said Hoopingarner.

As long as former patients continue to make these gifts, the Northwest Cancer Clinic hopes to continue the tradition.