Former Pasco police officer found not guilty of rape, assault

Former Pasco police officer found not guilty of rape, assault
Richard Aguirre was found not guilty of a rape charge earlier this year. A murder charge against him was dropped on Wednesday.

A former Pasco police officer was found not guilty of the rape and assault of his niece in 2014.

This was the retrial for former Pasco police officer, Richard Aguirre, after the first trial in July 2016 ended in a hung jury.

Closing arguments were heard on Thursday, day three of the retrial.

The prosecution reminded the jury that the DNA found on his niece’s underwear was consistent with her testimony. However, the defense pointed out the fact that it was only a very small amount of DNA and could have easily transferred while she was sleeping in Aguirre’s bed and clothes.

The jury deliberated for less than an hour.

Aguirre was found not guilty for third degree rape and fourth degree assault charges.

It was an emotional moment for everyone in the courtroom.

Aguirre’s niece and her mother (Aguirre’s older sister) yelled at Aguirre on the way out of the courtroom.

His niece was upset screaming “You know what do (expletive) did!”

Aguirre’s sister then yelled “You’re not my brother,” followed by “the truth will come out!”

In a statement sent to KVEW on behalf of the niece and her family, Tamara Morgan said this:

“This pain and loss was not in vain. Although we know justice has not been served it is because the victim (Aguirre’s niece) was brave enough to come forward, that the family of Ruby Doss now has the hope of justice and closure for the tragic murder in Spokane. We pray they receive what we did not. We will move forward with healing and the knowledge that God is the ultimate judge.”

The night was a victory for Aguirre, but also a loss.

“I really want to thank the jury for doing their duty and I really can’t speak now,” he said getting emotional after hearing from his niece and her mom.

Aguirre still faces charges for the 1986 murder of Ruby Doss in Spokane. The DNA from the rape and assault case linked him to the murder case.

For now, his lawyer John Henry Browne is glad it’s over in Pasco.

“It’s just been a long time hanging over everybody’s head so we are very pleased it’s over with,” he said.