Former prison guard pleads guilty to trying to arrange sex with Kennewick middle schooler

Former prison guard pleads guilty to trying to arrange sex with Kennewick middle schooler

A Kennewick man accused of sexting a middle school girl and trying to lure her into a sexual relationship has pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges.

Roy David Farber, 31, had been talking to the 13-year-old victim for months before her parents found a cell phone in her room that they didn’t recognize on Jan. 7 last year. Court documents said the phone contained nude images and plans for them to have sex.

The parents called police immediately and Farber, a former prison guard at the Two Rivers Correctional Institute in Umatilla, was arrested on charges of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts related to possession of child pornography.

The girl was a student at the middle school where Farber’s wife Kimberlee worked as a substitute paraeducator.

Kimberlee is facing separate charges for allegedly helping her husband communicate with the girl by bringing her the cell phone at school and passing notes between them.

The girl’s parents said David had been seen hanging around daughter since May 2017, and their behavior together was off-putting.

In December 2017, they spoke to David and Kim to express their concerns.

On Jan. 2, 2018 David responded to her parents with a letter professing his love for the young girl, which the parents later gave to police. In the letter, he said “if he wasn’t married to his wife he would have considered marrying [the victim] if she was older,” court papers said.

Days later, he wrote a letter to the girl instructing her to say they were “just friends” if she is questioned by her parents or a therapist in order to protect their so-called relationship.

David pleaded guilty on Dec. 20. His sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 7. His wife Kimberlee’s pretrial will begin on Jan. 10.

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