Foster children receive free birthday cakes thanks to new local initiative

For most people, birthday celebrations include a frosted sweet treat covered with lit candles. Two Tri-Cities organizations have teamed up to ensure that everyone in the area receives one on their special day.

The new birthday cake initiative is led by nonprofit Mo’s Place which helps to serve foster children and their families and TSP Bakeshop in West Richland.

Foster families can fill out an application with the child’s name, age, gender, interests and flavor of choice. Each cake costs around $15 dollars.

“They get to choose between vanilla, our version of funfetti and chocolate and then I get to have fun with the outside,” said Melissa Missen, owner of TSP Bakeshop.

Organizers with Mo’s Place said this is especially important because foster children might not have the opportunity to celebrate with something of their own.

“As licensed foster parents we realize celebrating our children is super important, even on small things but especially birthdays and holidays are very very big to them,” said Stephanie, a co-founder of the nonprofit. “It’s a day about them and it’s super exciting and super special.”

Besides the cake, the child will also receive a coupon for free Dairy Queen ice cream and other gifts.

“We mail their birthday packages to them and it’s addressed to them and there’s special stuff that’s catered to their age, gender and what they like and so we put a lot of thought and time into it to make it special for them,” Stephanie said.

Even though the program officially started in January, the bakeshop said they’ve already received multiple orders.

“Just to know that they’re going to be going into the hands of kids that need a little bright spot in their life in a difficult one is exciting for me,” Missen said.

If you want to donate, you can find more information here.