Fox’s Ed Henry returns after donating part of his liver to his sister

Fox’s Ed Henry returns after donating part of his liver to his sister
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Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry, left, describes his surgery to co-hosts on

Ed Henry returned to Fox News after successfully donating part of his liver to his sister.

An emotional Henry appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning and thanked colleagues and viewers for their support.

He said his sister Colleen is “doing great” as she continues to recover. He said he hopes she can come on the air soon.

Fox said she had battled a degenerative liver disease.

Commenting on her recovery, Henry said that “receiving the donation, it takes more time, it’s harder” than it was for him to give 30 percent of his liver, he said.

Henry said surgeons told him his donated liver “immediately started working” in her.

Henry tweeted a link to the segment, saying, “For those who missed emotional return to ‘Fox & Friends’ after donating part of liver to sister.”

He praised first responders in the studio audience.

“I did that for my sister, who I love,” Henry said. “That’s easy, I think. What you do every single day, helping people who you may not even know. The amount of people who rushed into those buildings on 9/11, Stephen Siller and everyone else — they didn’t know people who they wanted to save.”

Fox said Henry can return to co-hosting “Fox & Friends” on weekends.

Correction: An earlier version of this story included a photo of someone who is not Ed Henry of Fox News.