Franklin County road maintenance projects will delay traffic for two weeks

PASCO, Wash. — Upcoming road work meant to leave a positive impact on the roads of northern Franklin County launched on Friday and will impact traffic through the Eltopia area for two weeks in the early summer.

According to an announcement made by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, drivers need to be mindful as work crews launch a project to seal cracks and maintain roads in the region. With this being the case, Franklin County authorities ask that commuters plan for extra travel time when driving through this region.

The first major project will span more than 11 miles on N Glade Rd north of the Tri-Cities. Crack sealing maintenance begins at Clark Rd and extends all the way to Eltopia West Rd. The project extends near the northern edge of the Pasco city limits all the way into Eltopia through July 8, 2022.

Concurrently, road crews will work on the same kind of project for a nearly four-mile stretch of Road 170 in rural Franklin County. The project extends from Ringold Rd to Klamath Rd through parts of Mesa that run between one to two miles east of the Columbia River.

The final project listed will span nearly seven miles of Sagehill Rd from Hollingsworth Rd to Rangeview Rd. This stretch of road extends from Mesa to Othello.

If you have upcoming travel plans or live in the area, be mindful of upcoming traffic delays. It may be a hassle in the immediate future, but the project will ensure higher-quality roads moving forward.


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