From the Apple Valley to the Big Apple

From the Apple Valley to the Big Apple

Kyle Hitchcock and Mackenzie Taylor are inseperable music lovers.

Both study the art and perform with the Davis High School choirs.

Now the two will be taking their talents from the Apple Valley, to the Big Apple.

“Getting to work with top notch professors and getting to sing with kids who like to do what we like to do,” said Kyle, “In an atmosphere of about 300 others. It’s going to be really fun.”

Both auditioned and were selected to perform in the High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall next month.

The honors group was selected out of thousands of applications from all over the world — Mackenzie and Kyle are also the only students from the state of Washington to be selected.

“It’s a great motivation to kind of finally get something big and go and do something,” said Mackenzie, “It’s really confidence boosting.”

For five days, they will work with world famous conductors and other performers, leading up to a grand performance on the last day before the public.

Kyle says his dream was to always be on broadway, and this only makes that dream seem more attainable.

“Going to New York is just going to push me to do what I want to do,” said Kyle, “Because as a singer, that’s where you want to be, and that’s where you want to go.”

“When I’m old, I always want to have music in my life,” said Mackenzie.