‘Full of life:’ Kennewick family remembers woman who died in semi crash on NYE

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Angela Kondratyuk hopped in her car and headed to her wedding venue meeting in Spokane Friday morning.

It was a familiar drive that she’d been on dozens of times to visit her fiance.

But then, on I-90, a tragedy struck.

Kondratyuk lost control of her vehicle and spun out. A semi was unable to stop in time and hit her, causing the vehicle to go underneath the truck.

The Kennewick woman was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center where she later died. Angela was only 28 years old. Her wedding? Just over a month away, on February 5.

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Her older brother, Michael Kondratyuk, said she was “fierce and full of life,” while her younger sister, Yana Robinson, laughingly described her as “loud.”

While there was a multi-year age gap between the two, Michael said he and Angela got closer as they grew older and matured.

“We would just hang out and talk about stuff, I mean that’s probably what I’ll miss the most,” Kondratyuk said. “She lived life.”

Robinson said one of her favorite memories was when the two were home alone together.

“We’d always blast music and dance all over the house and we loved to watch movies together,” Robinson said. “She loved to cook and she loved cheese. We put a lot of cheese on everything.”

But at her core, both siblings agreed she was headstrong, protective, and “loved really hard.”

“There are so many young girls that looked up to her so much like a sister and she was actually my sister which was really cool,” Robinson said.

Some of those girls were ones that Angela had met in her many trips to Honduras, a country assigned to her by missionary bible school.

“She was willing to go anywhere but she got Honduras and so that’s where she went and I don’t think she ever left,” Kondratyuk said. “I mean she came and went a few times and then she went two or three times on her own but she was there, her heart was there. Any extra penny literally she had, she would send over saying, ‘Hey, I’m able to make a living and work here and they can’t.”

The siblings recalled that she would bring back souvenirs and T-shirts from each trip for everyone.

But she went one step further for her cousin, Michelle Rogers.

“In 2019 she took me to Honduras,” Rogers said. “She was just so helpful and working so hard there and it was just so cool to see her there because she talked about it so much.”

Rogers said Angela was her “best friend who wasn’t selfish and had a huge heart.”

So the news came as a complete shock when she got the call while at her hair appointment NYE morning.

“When I heard that she was going into surgery, I thought, ‘Okay, she’s going to be okay.’ So when Yana told me, I couldn’t believe it,” Rogers said. “I still can’t believe it.”

Now, those who were fortunate enough to know Angela are left reeling from their loss.

“We all have to really relearn how to live our lives without her,” Rogers said. “I just want to thank her because she really changed my life. She kept me strong, she taught me a lot of things. She was always there for me.”

A GoFundMe for funeral costs and related expenses has already raised over $30,000 dollars in just a matter of days. To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

“We’re going to miss her definitely and we’re looking forward to meeting her in heaven,” Kondratyuk said.


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