Fun ideas for youth Halloween parties

Fun ideas for youth Halloween parties

If you’re throwing a Halloween party for your child and his or her friends, check out these tips to make your party fun and unique.


Ceiling Spider:

According to, a fun decoration for a kids’ party is a giant spider that hangs across the ceiling. This can be made by gluing two black paper lanterns together to form the spider head and body. Cut out eyes from white paper and attach to the lantern. Black crepe paper, streamers or Fun Fringe can be glued to the lanterns to form the legs. The legs can then be attached to the corners of the ceiling to allow the spider to hang above the room.

Ghosts in the mirrors:

Put cutouts of ghosts on the mirrors so it looks like the kids are seeing ghosts around them when they look in the mirror.

Ghost steps:

Cut out black shoe prints and put them around the house to make it look like a ghost was walking around.

Yard ghost:

A quick and easy outdoor Halloween decoration is a ghost. Just grab a sheet, coat rack and helmet and assemble your ghost’s body, head and outer covering in your yard.

Hidden specimens:

Place random jars with fake eyeballs, fangs and teeth around the house and let the kids stumble upon them.


Boo-ffet table:

Create a scary snack and food table for the kids. Add Halloween-themed decorations like pumpkins and spiders. Give the snacks and food scary Halloween-themed names like Blood Punch or Vampire Brownies.

Ghost Pops:

These are easy and fun treats to make for kids. Take white tissue paper and place it over a sucker or lollipop. Then draw on eyes and tie a ribbon around the paper to create a sucker that looks like a ghost.


Mummy wrap:

Have the kids turn each other into mummies by having them wrap each other in toilet paper. You can either have each child do it to each other just for fun, or to make a game out of it you can put the kids on teams and see which team finishes first.

Coloring contest:

Print out Halloween-themed coloring sheets and have the kids creatively color them.

Skeleton relay race:

Divide the kids into teams and give each child a piece of a skeleton. The kids will need to race to a wall and put each piece of the skeleton together. The first team to complete the skeleton wins.