Fundraiser for Domino’s driver shot while delivering pizza in Yakima

Coworkers raising money for his medical expenses

YAKIMA, Wash. — Yakima Valley Domino’s locations are holding a fundraiser Tuesday to help a 19-year-old employee who was shot earlier this month while out delivering pizza.

A portion of all sales — delivery, online or in-person — made at the Yakima, Union Gap or West Valley locations will go toward paying for 19-year-old Michael’s medical expenses.

“We want to do whatever we can to help him,” said Sean Jamieson, Area Supervisor for the Yakima Valley Domino’s locations. “We wanted to take all the bad and turn it into something good for him and his family.”

Yakima driver attacked, shot while delivering pizza

On the day before Valentine’s Day, 19-year-old Michael had been working at Domino’s — 6 Union St. — as a delivery driver for a little over a month. At about 9 p.m., he went out to deliver pizza to a home near North 15th and Swan avenues.

Yakima Police Lt. Chad Stephens said the 19-year-old had just finished delivering the pizza, walked back to his car and got inside when another car pulled up alongside him.

“Several people got out and surrounded his car and started banging on the windows and so he started to drive away,” Stephens said. “That’s when his vehicle was shot and he was hit with gunfire.”

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Stephens said it’s unclear at this point who shot at the delivery driver or why they did it. No arrests have been made.

“I think they’re ruling out that it was targeted for him specifically,” Stephens said. “It could have been wrong place, wrong time. It could have been an attempted robbery. We’re not sure right now.”

Jamieson said Michael suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and when he called out for help, several “Good Samaritans” came to his side and helped make sure he was taken care of.

“Thankfully, he received medical attention fairly quickly, was able to get to the hospital, spent — I think — three nights in the hospital but he’s out,” Jamieson said. “He’s expected to make a full recovery.”

Employees kept working after shooting, wanted to help coworker

Jamieson, a recent transplant to the area, said he was shocked when he got the call that one of his drivers had been shot. He said he immediately started to call every location in the Yakima Valley, asking what he could do to help.

Jamieson asked the employees whose coworker had just been shot if they wanted to close up early, but he said they decided to keep working.

“This is such a resolute group of people; I mean, they are ready to do work no matter what,” Jamieson said.

It’s not the first time a Domino’s location in Yakima has had to deal with a shooting or other violent incident. In 2019, two juveniles shot into the Union Street store in a gang-related, drive-by shooting; in 2018, an employee at the Union Gap location was robbed at gunpoint.

However, Jamieson said to his knowledge, this is the first time an employee has been injured in a violent incident.

“My heart went out to them,” Jamieson said. “We’ve checked in with every driver. We’ve had our safety and loss prevention regional director come out twice now and he’s checked in with us.”

Jamieson said he’s checked in with the managers of each of the five Yakima Valley Domino’s stores he supervises, asking how the employees are, if they need time away or if they need to speak with a counselor.

Fundraiser for medical expenses Tuesday at Yakima, Union Gap and West Valley stores

Jamieson and the people who work closely with Michael came together to figure out a way to help him. He said he’s gotten to know Michael better since the shooting and that he, “seems like a good kid.”

“Just a mild-mannered young man, really soft-spoken, seems like kind of a sweet guy,” Jamieson said. “Hard worker, eager to do the right thing.”

They decided to hold a fundraiser to help him with the thousands of dollars in medical expenses he’s facing after being hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

“This Tuesday — tomorrow — all sales, a portion of those will go straight to Michael,” Jamieson said.

A portion of the proceeds from all purchases made online for delivery or pickup and in-person at three Yakima Valley Domino’s locations will go to help Michael pay for medical expenses.

Those locations are the Yakima store at 6 Union St., the Union Gap store at 1903 S. 3rd Ave. and the West Valley store at 420 S. 72nd Ave. Suite 140. All three locations are technically located in Yakima, but the 3rd Avenue location is commonly referred to as the Union Gap store because of its proximity to Union Gap.