Gasperetti’s Restaurant closing after 54 years of business in Yakima

Gasperetti's Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. — Gasperetti’s Restaurant is closing after 54 years of serving food and drinks to Yakima residents.

Owner John Gasperetti took to social media Sunday to thank customers for their support over the years.

“We have been fortunate enough to have served a past President and First Lady,  movie stars, writers and people from all of the entertainment world,” Gasparetti said in the post. “However, the most important guests have always been you, the people of our valley.

Gasperetti said business has been difficult in recent years and the toll taken by the COVID-19 shutdown didn’t help.

“The last few years have been tough with the continual deterioration of North First Street and the increasing homeless population followed by COVID have contributed to this decision,” Gasperetti said in a Facebook post.

In the post, Gasperetti said he has some opportunities in the works for the future, but that he’ll be taking some time off to, “relax and reflect with sadness and joy.”

“Until then, I say to you, the people of Yakima, thank you!” Gasperetti said in the post. “The flood of so many years of wonderful memories I will carry with me forever.”