Gene Simmons’ soda now being sold at Yokes thanks to diehard fan

Gene Simmons’ soda now being sold at Yokes thanks to diehard fan

Gene Simmons’ soda, Money Bag Soda, are now on sale at almost 20 Yokes locations thanks to a diehard fan.

Earlier this year, Dave Slackman was scrolling through Facebook when he noticed the KISS bandmember adverisiting his soda company. Slackman, who works as a manager at the Yokes in Richland, knew immediately it was a product he wanted in his store.

He reached out to the company who immediately responded back, and they started working to get the sodas in Yokes. Throughout the journey, Slackman was able to meet Simmons twice and attend one of his concerts.

KAPP KVEW spoke to Simmons on the phone about what it’s like for him to meet people who have been his fans for decades.

“It means the world of course,” Simmons said. “We’re nothing without the fans. In fact, that’s probably the best thing about kiss. The fans.”

After weeks of preparation, the first shipment of Money Bag Soda were delivered to Yokes, where an anxious Slackman excitedly set up the display before the sodas officially went on sale on Friday.

“All the stores are selling them pretty well,” Slackman said. “If I stand here and tell people the story of how it came about, they’re really intrigued and they buy some.”

Money Bag Soda comes in five different flavors: cola, diet cola, ginger ale, cream soda and root beer. Simmons encourages everyone to give the sodas a try, even if you normally don’t drink soda.

“I would welcome you tasting any flavor,” Simmons said. “I will grant you, I’m a weird guy and people are curious about that in this conversation piece, but at the end of the day, you have to have the quality. Taste them, see if you don’t think it’s the best thing out there.”

Money Bag Sodas can be purchased at your local Yokes store for $4.99 for a four-pack or $1.79 for one.

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