German police on the hunt for chocolate thieves

Police are looking for witnesses to the theft of two tractor-trailers loaded with chocolate.

The trailers, with some $500,000 worth of the sweet stuff, disappeared Friday from an ndustrial park in Freiburg in southern Germany.

One trailer was tracked down Saturday, attached to a Polish truck at a rest area near the French border. The thief or thieves escaped on foot, according to the Associated Press. The chocolate was found inside the trailers.

The second trailer was located in southwestern town of Lahr, across the Rhine River from Strasborg, France. The thieves, along with most of the chocolate, had already cslipped away.

This is the second time in six months that thieves in Germany targeted a large haul of chocolate. In August, about 20 tons Nutella, Kinder Surprise eggs and other treats were stolen in the central German town of Neustadt.

Police put out at statement at the time, advising anyone “offered large quantities (of chocolate) via unconventional channels should report it to the police immediately.”