Get some ‘home inspo’ at the Parade of Homes in Richland this weekend

RICHLAND, Wash. — Maybe you’re in the market for a new home, or looking for some renovation for your current home – if that’s the case Jeff Losey said the Parade of Homes in Richland this weekend is the place to be.

“I am the type of person who actually has to see it, and if I just look at it on a computer screen or magazine, I don’t quite – I need to go actually see it,” Jeff, who’s the Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of the Tri-Cities, said.

If this sounds like you, he recommends checking out the four, featured homes by Prodigy Homes Inc., Riverwood Homes Washington LLC, Brett Lott Homes, and New Tradition Homes. All four are located fairly close to each other in South Richland.

Losey said each home displays the latest and greatest from local builders.

While only a few of them are on the market, up for sale, Losey said it’s a great way to get some inspiration if you’re looking for change around your own home.

“We’ve had the opportunity these last couple of years to get real cozy in our own homes, and this provides the opportunity to see what could your space look like. If you could do something different – see what the builders are doing today it could be new cabinets, it could be new knobs, it could be what color schemes they’re using in the houses today and maybe that’s something that you want to change,” he said.

The people behind the beautifully-detailed homes will also be on-site to chat with guests.

“See the things that you didn’t know you could do in your home, options that maybe you had heard about or seen on Pinterest or somewhere else and go see how professionals put it together, so it’s a great opportunity and you can ask questions of the builders of the subcontractors that are there,” Losey said.

Tickets are available at all Tri-Cities Circle K locations, and are $10 each; everyone three years old and up needs a ticket. When you purchase a ticket, you’ll be given a magazine that has a map and addresses for each home. The HBA recommends wearing shoes that you can easily slip booties over, which are provided. The event started on Friday and continues through Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

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