Getting rid of tires and mosquitoes

Getting rid of tires and mosquitoes

Coming up this weekend is a chance to get rid of unwanted tires laying around your yard and in turn, the roommates you didn’t know you had.

The idea behind the event is to decrease the mosquito population by taking away their habitats.

“Tires because of their shape and because they are black hold water well and they can warm up easily, both are very good for mosquitoes so we are trying to get those habitats, out of the district, out of our environment,” said Kevin Shoemaker with Benton County Mosquito Control.

The limit is 20 tires per household.

Mosquito Control is also asking that people bring car tires without rims or wheels.

No tractor sized tires will be accepted and you can’t bring pieces or parts of tires either.

Anyone who attends will need to bring their ID or a utility statement with a home address for verification.

That event goes from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.