Gifts to put in dog’s holiday basket

Gifts to put in dog’s holiday basket
Judy Asman

They’re our dependents who rely on us for food, shelter and good health care. They’re not just our best friends; they may be our heads of household, our consiglieri (cue “The Godfather” theme) or our reasons for getting out of bed in the morning — long before we’re ready.

In short, our dogs are our family.

So this holiday season, why not go the extra mile? Give your four-legged kinfolk a holiday basket he’ll be sure to not re-gift.

You can customize this basket to suit your buddy’s lifestyle. For the road tripper, Muttropolis carries dog car seats, travel bowls, and other clever transportable items. If she treks high-altitude trails, REI offers products for the extreme outdoors dog.

But what are basic items that every dog can use? Let’s start with what keeps them coming back: the treats …

No. 5: The treats

Your nearest Petco carries its own line of holiday treats such as tasty biscuits and cookies with red and green sprinkles for $5.99. Its paw-shaped container adds a nice touch, making it ready for presentation in your gift basket.