Google Doodle celebrates basketball’s legendary Edmonton Grads

Google Doodle celebrates basketball’s legendary Edmonton Grads
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Google Doodle celebrated The Edmonton Grads with a doodle on Saturday. (From Google)

Google scored a winner on Saturday when it celebrated the Edmonton Grads in a doodle to honor the Canadian basketball legends.

The Grads, also known as The Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club, began as a high school girls basketball team before becoming a “sports dynasty,” according to Google.

While the team disbanded over 70 years ago, the Grads continue to hold one of the best winning percentages for any North American sports team.

The women won 95% of their matches over 25 years. They also won the Underwood International tournament, or the “North American championship,” for 17 years in a row.

The Grads made history for their winning streaks as well as their determination to fight stereotypes that discouraged women from competing in sports.

On November 9, 2017, The Grads were inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. The doodle, which depicts three players on a basketball court, commemorates their induction.