Graduating Trio

Graduating Trio

For every high school senior, graduation is a milestone, marking all the academic obstacles you and your classmates have overcome.

At Bickleton schools, those accomplishments will be shared between just three students.

“Throughout the years, even though we’ve lost students in our class, it’s never been more than like 6 to 8 students,” said Kayli.

Seniors Kaylie Berk, Sydnie O’Banion and Annie Lindsley make up this year’s graduating class.

They will be receiving their diplomas in front of friends, family and the rest of the tiny community.

The three have known each other since they were children, Annie lives in Grandview, but has commuted to Bickleton since her sophomore year after falling in love with the town.

“The community is so easy to warm up to, every body is really supporting of sports and academics,” said Annie, “The people in this town truly want to see you succeed.”

“We know everything about each other, you get to bond with the other two classmates more,” said Sydnie, “It’s a good benefit to be in a small school and have two other classmates to talk to.”

Annie will be going to CWU in Ellensburg, Sydnie to CBC in Pasco, and Kayli to Heritage University in Toppenish, all within close proximity of each other and the community they grew up in.

“It’s a really great experience to have grown up here, I know i’m going to miss it,” said Kayli, “I can definitely see myself coming back.”