Grants to replace old fire equipment with electric versions

Electric Fire Trucks

Washington – The Department of Ecology is holding a question-and-answer session on Thursday, October 27 to talk about replacing old fire apparatus with new, electric versions.

Sounds like science fiction? It turns out, electric fire apparatus is a reality – although the technology is still very new.  The Los Angeles Fire Department rolled out what’s believed to be the first electric fire truck in North America earlier this year.

Washington state has put $5 million towards their own upgrade project, and will accept grant applications between October 6 and December 15, 2022.  Money for the grants comes from a deal with Volkswagen to settle violations of state and federal Clean Air Acts.

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That settlement money has to go towards improving the environment.  One option in Washington is replacing diesel fire apparatus from 2009 or before with electric fire apparatus instead.

If you would like to ask the Department of Ecology a question about this program, you can sign up here and then join the Q&A session at 1:00PT.

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