Grass At The Richland Dog Park Should Start Getting Greener

Grass At The Richland Dog Park Should Start Getting Greener

If you are a dog lover you may have noticed the grass at the Richland Dog park is looking a little more brown than green.

This has some dog park regulars are frustrated with the dying terrain and looking for answers.

City officials said for about a month they have been dealing with mechanical breaks to the sprinkler system but those are totally fixed as of last week and the entire system is now back up and running.

“So much effort went into making the park and it was a lot of volunteer effort to lay down the sod and getting drinking fountains and then to see it die off just because we can’t get water on it is a real shame,” said dog park society member Tom Currie.

Currie said he is frustrated seeing the grass get consistently worse week after week.

He said he put in calls to the city about the lack of water but wasn’t getting answers so one of the other member brough up a hose of their own.

Richland parks and facilities supervisor Shawn Harper said there were three different mechanical breaks that knocked the system out for about a month.

“We have had a few breaks in the lateral lines going in the mainline we have gotten this fixed. The last one got fixed last Thursday and now we are up and running,” said Harper.

He said the sprinkler system in the park will run from 8:30 p.m. until midnight, 20 minutes longer than it has in the past.

Harper said people should start noticing the grass returning to normal in about two weeks.

“One of the things that is on our list for this week is booked come through and aerate to take away some of that compaction in the soil so we can get some water down a little deeper and a little more frequent watering you’ll see a huge difference in just a couple of weeks,” he said.

Harper said it is hard to keep up with grass because the park seems to be getting more and more popular.

“The dog park takes a tremendous beating from the dogs which is a good problem to have because it means there are tons of people using the park.”

Dog park society member Jan Davis has three german shepards.

She said going to the dog park is the highlight of their week

“I’ve meet so many nice people and some very good friend and my dogs absolutely love it. My family is all grown and has been for a long time and my three dogs are my social life now, we have so much fun,” said Davis.