Gun threat puts Toppenish schools on ‘Secure and Teach’ status

Gun threat puts Toppenish schools on ‘Secure and Teach’ status
(Toppenish Police Department)

UPDATE – Toppenish School District tells KAPP-KVEW Local News that three students — one junior, and two sophomores — have been sent home.

According to Superintendent John Cerna, the three students attend the alternative school.

The ‘Secure and Teach’ status is expected to stay in place until lunch.

ORIGINAL STORY – Schools in Toppenish were put on a ‘secure and teach’ status Thursday morning due to a threat involving a gun.

According to Captain Dave Johnson with the Toppenish Police Department, their agency received an anonymous tip this morning that four individuals in a black vehicle were looking for a student. He added that a firearm was mentioned.

Police believe the incident is gang-related.

Toppenish police contacted that student, who was not cooperative and would not say who the suspects were.

Police then looked for the suspects involved, but were unable to locate them.

KAPP-KVEW is waiting to hear back from the Toppenish School District. Numerous calls and messages have not been returned.