Guns are being stolen from unlocked cars across Kennewick

Images courtesy of the Kennewick Police Dept., Facebook

KENNEWICK, Wash. — 31 guns that lawfully belong to Tri-Cities residents are unaccounted for due to car prowlers who target unoccupied cars—most of which were unlocked.

According to a social media post from the Kennewick Police Department, local authorities have taken 33 reports of guns being stolen from vehicles across 30 separate car prowl incidents in 2021. Of that sum, only two have been returned to their owners.

That means there are 31 guns belonging to Kennewick residents that are in the possession of someone who cannot lawfully possess these weapons.

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A significant portion of these firearms thefts occurred because the gun owners failed to lock their cars. In fact, an overwhelming 93% of these incidents occurred because vehicles were not properly locked, which is basically an invitation for prowlers to take a look inside for valuable items.

This is an increasing trend from 2020’s count of 28 firearms being stolen from 26 vehicles. Of that sum, 89% of the vehicles that were stolen from were not locked.

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KPD officers urge the community’s gun owners to secure their firearms and lock their vehicles. In fact, they warn Kennewick residents not to leave unattended firearms in their vehicles at all.

Officers provided three photos of a suspect who forced his way into a Kennewick vehicle and stole a gun. If anyone has information that may contribute to their search, you’re urged to contact KPD’s non-emergency dispatch or their online tip system ( in reference to Case No. 21-41442.


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