Halloween events: Tri-Cities’ first ever light show

If you want to start your Halloween festivities early while still being COVID-19 safe, you can drive through neighborhoods for the Tri-Cities first-ever spooky light show.

Olivia Paz, the organizer, said she was inspired after seeing Christmas lights last year.

“I thought it’d be really cool if we had something like that. I checked on the Internet, I checked on Facebook to see if something like this had happened before in the past and it hadn’t so I just went for it,” Paz said.

Paz said she posted the idea on Facebook and soon over fifty houses across the Tri-Cities had reached out asking to be a part.

“I love seeing people’s creativity and how far they go,” Paz said. “Some of them might not even have kids, but they just want to bring joy to the community.”

Paz said that she plans to continue the event next year, pandemic or not.

There is no set route for the show, but a map with the house locations can be found here and more details can be found here.

A full list of Halloween events happening this weekend can be found here.