Hanford Fire Department celebrates new ladder truck with ‘housing’ ceremony

HANFORD, Wash. — Hanford firefighters can now take pride in a brand new, state-of-the-art ladder truck.

Representatives from the Hanford Fire Department and Department of Energy held a ceremony on Thursday to give the truck a proper “welcome.”

“When we request equipment it’s a long process to get it approved,” said Captain Richard Golie. “So this has been on the plan for quite a while.”

Firefighters held a “housing” ceremony for the new truck – a tradition that dates back to the late 1800’s when fire departments used horse-drawn equipment. Firefighters would push horse-drawn fire engines into the garage after they returned from a fire. The ceremony has become a widely-practiced community tradition when fire departments put a new fire truck into service.

Features of the new truck include LED lights that make it easier to see, safety steps and a ladder that is easier to run a rescue rig off of. The truck also features Bluetooth headphones, allowing better communication among firefighters whether they’re inside or outside the truck.

“One of the biggest detriments in fire service is communications, and this is cleaning some of that up to make it easier for us to operate on scene,” said Capt. Golie.

The new truck is symbolic of multiple changes happening at the Hanford Fire Department and the Hanford Site as well.

“This truck and the new facilities and equipment reflect our forward-looking view of the site,” said Brian Vance, discussing some of those accomplishments at Thursday’s ceremony.

The department’s new truck is replacing an older one that had been in use for over 20 years.