Hanford High senior to premiere film at Fairchild Cinemas

RICHLAND, Wash — A dream is coming true for a local high school senior.

Eighteen-year-old Connor McFarlane’s debut film, Swerv The Movie, is set to premiere on the big screen at Fairchild Cinemas in Richland for one night only on April 19th.

A synopsis posted on McFarlane’s YouTube channel describes the comedy as, “when a comic book superhero is sent out of his comic book and into the real world, he must join a band and try to gain his reputation back, but his arch nemesis isn’t far behind…”

“I think it’s been a really good experience,” McFarlane said. “This is what I want to do and so it’s cool people are supportive of that.”

McFarlane said he spent the past year working with friends and family to create the lengthy film, while balancing homework, classes, chores and a global pandemic.

“As you watch, you can see me learning and growing,” McFarlane said.

The film had almost no budget, so McFarlane and his friends had to get creative while making all of the costumes and props.

“For this artificial intelligence belt buckle we used a silly putty container,” McFarlane said. “It’s crazy how you can turn something so mundane into a movie prop.”

McFarlane said he and his friends thought of Swerv when they were in middle school, making up short skits about the character.

Now years later, McFarlane said the movie wouldn’t have been possible without those humble beginnings.

“I had no idea that it would ever go this far so I’m really excited,” McFarlane said.

His mother, Amy, said the whole family is “thrilled” to see Swerv The Movie come to life.

“It’s been amazing to watch him create this. I’ll be honest, there were times when I thought that he was dreaming bigger than what he could do, but I’ve been totally wrong about that,” said Amy McFarlane. “One thing I’ve learned about Connor is when he puts his mind to something, he goes for it all the way and accomplishes amazing things.”

She added that Connor was “born” with his love for films so his interest in movie-making came as a surprise to no one.

“When he was about two or three years old, he was making films of his Thomas trains and of cars,” Amy McFarlane said. “Every time one of us was filming him, he’d tell us to give him the camera and then he would make movies.”

Fairchild Cinemas originally only opened up one of their screens for showing but tickets sold out almost instantly.

The same thing happened when they opened up a second.

Now there are three screens showing Swerv The Movie, but tickets are still selling fast.

“The support we’re receiving from friends and the community is just overwhelming,” McFarlane said.

Tickets are $5 dollars each and can be bought here.

You can also check out more details and watch the official trailers on the website and on Instagram at @swervthefilm.


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