Hazardous air could be affecting engine air filters

Engine Air Filters Could Be Affected by Hazardous Air

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Engine air filters may become clogged due to the hazardous air quality during the last week in the Tri-Cities and affect the performance of your vehicle.

AJ Schneider from 360 Automotive & Repair told KAPP-KVEW that the ash is going to clog up the air filter and not allow air to get into the engine.

“Think of your car like a vacuum cleaner,” said Schneider. “It needs air to run so what you’re going to start noticing is those deposits are going to collect on what’s known as the engine air filter and it’s going to cause diminished performance because it’s not able to breathe as easy.”

Schneider said that engine air filters longevity depends on the environment you’re driving in.

Having your air filter checked during oil changes is suggested.