FITNESS FRIDAY: Chad Martin's Ladder Training

Training Ladders

Whether you want to use the ladder for speed & agility or cardio, the ladder will definitely help develop many skills and muscle groups even for those that don’t play sports anymore.  In addition, ladder training with friends can make it more fun and competitive rather than just doing your road work on a treadmill, running or biking by yourself.  Turning your training into a competition can bring out a real sweat.                                                                                                                   

A few things to focus on when using the ladder is one have a good pair of shoes, just as if you were going for a run. The second is to always try and perform the movements on your toes, especially if your focus is speed & agility training.  In addition, proper warm-up and stretching before and after is key to prevent any injuries and help deal with the new soreness you will feel using muscles that haven’t been active in a while. 

While training with a partner or group, it’s good to take turns going down, watching and observing others, then coming back.  Eventually, when the group gets better, it can be fun to see who can make it down and back without touching any part of the ladder, while still hitting all the holes, or even break out the stopwatch and see who can get the fastest time.  The key is to have fun and be creative with it.


Bunny hop – keep feet together hop on toes in each square.
One leg hop – one foot down the other foot back.
Lateral bunny hop – sideways keep feet together.
Lateral one leg bunny hop – sideways one foot down the other back                              Straddle Hop - start with feet outside ladder, then jump placing both feet in the square, repeat all the way down and back.
Side shuffle – similar to a straddle hop, stepping left then right alternating feet, can be done sideways or have one foot outside ladder, and one in the square.
Crossover shuffle – similar to doing karaoke on the field
Lateral Shuffle – facing to the left or right then shuffle without crossing feet.
Ski Slalom – bunny hop from outside of square to inside square crossing over to the opposite side then back.
Step in, step out – Stay on the outside of the ladder, step in the ladder then back, can be done simultaneously with a group going in a circle.
Quick high knees - with arms pumping short and fast high knee each square.                          

Heel touch - Step in to square, then with opposite arm touch the heel of your shoes behind you that is in the air.
Upper body & core - Lateral or sideways plank walk/lateral plank walk with push-up.


…For more information and tips, check out Chad's website, & on Twitter @PROCHADMARTIN.

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