Trios Urgent E-care launches faster physician care

Sometimes life can get in the way, or snow can lock you in from getting access to the physician care you need.

However, for the Tri-Cities community that’s all part of the past after Trios Urgent Care launched their new e-care telemedicine service Thursday.

"You can call and do a virtual visit and get some help right away," mother and Trios nurse Brenda Atencio said.

Trios Urgent e-care telemedicine service is helping patients say goodbye to long wait times, and endless paperwork.

Waving hello to the future of medicine.

"Alexis's toe had been bothering her. I knew I could tell it was infected and I knew it needed to be seen," Atencio said.

Now a busier evening for a full-time nurse and mother.

"The roads were bad, you can't get out and to get to an urgent care or your primary doctor," Atencio continued.

Luckily for Atencio and her daughter Alexis, an infected toe wasn't a life-threatening emergency, and Trios Urgent e-care website was by their side in a matter of minutes.

"It was excellent, it was easy, called and got registered, a nurse practitioner called in ten minutes over facetime, it was a pretty quick visit," Atencio added.

A more convenient and comfortable doctor visit for a flat fee of just $39.00 for patients regardless of whether they have health insurance or not.

Doctors and nurses now able to access you in the palm of their hand, getting you the treatment you need right away.

"Nope that night she called in a prescription for antibiotics," Atencio said.

Now an extra set of hands for doctors and their patients.

"What this service does, it allows someone to access you in a timely fashion, 30 minutes or less, and be able to communicate back with me," Dr. Khawandi of Trios Health.

Keeping your doctor in the loop so he can follow up with you even faster than before.

"It will solve your issues and at the same time it does not distract me from what I'm doing in my clinic," Dr. Khawandi concluded.

Things like pink eye, infections, sore throats, runny nose and congestion are just some of the issues that can be treated via Trios Urgent e-care.

Given the nature of this virtual environment, e-care physicians will not prescribe narcotics, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants or other controlled medications in an effort to help avoid recreational abuse.

The new program already has a 90 percent satisfaction rate so far and is the first of its kind in the Tri-Cities.

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