Healthy eating businesses give free meals to first responders, medical workers

Service Meal Elaina Moon
Courtesy: Elaina Moon

YAKIMA, Wash. — Local health eating businesses came together Tuesday to provide free meals for service workers to thank them for their support during the pandemic.

With the help of community donations and a small group of volunteers, Healthy Eats Nutrition Services and Local Beet Meal Prep were able to make 120 meals for police officers, firefighters, first responders and medical workers.

“It was a way to give back what we feel has been given to us during this time, which is a lot of support,” said Elaina Moon, owner of Healthy Eats Nutrition Services.

The meals included either Thai quinoa salad cups or curried chickpea wraps, along with trail mix power bars by local chef Jason Patel. Moon said the free meals were well-received.

“I think they were all really just excited and happy that the community took time to recognize them,” Moon said.

Moon said they hope to have another free meal day for service workers near the end of July or early August.