Heat danger: How to keep your kids safe

KENNEWICK, Wash. — This summer is getting really hot, really fast. Everyone is at risk for heat related danger and issues, including children.

KAPP KVEW spoke with Amy Taylor, a Nurse Manager with Seattle Children’s Tri-Cities Clinic about how to spot signs of heat exhaustion in children.

Kids temperatures can go up five times faster that adults, and they may not sweat as efficiently, according to Taylor. Adults shouldn’t wait for their own discomfort as a sign that their children may be uncomfortable.

Along with proper hydration, a sunscreen with good SPF is key.

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“It’s important that [children] have water readily accessible to them and they drink when they’re thirsty,” Taylor said, “But it’s also helpful for parents to remind them to take drinks of water often because kids can play and get distracted and not want to stop playing and stop to drink.”

Another tip: have a watch buddy, especially when swimming.

“It’s a good idea, especially if you’re in groups, to designate a watcher. Make sure that there is an adult who knows that ‘This is my time. I’ve got the kids, I’m watching them during this time period,'” Taylor advises. “And if they need to hand off, that they hand off to another adult saying, ‘Hey, I need to step away for a minute. Can you be the designated watcher for our kids?”

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