Help kids focus in school before holiday break

How to motivate your child to get off the couch

With winter break on the horizon for many school kids around the country, it’s easy for kids to get distracted. Follow these tips to help keep your child focused in school during the holiday season.

Keep to your routines: Try to keep your child on his or her same routine during the holidays. Following the same bedtime, before school and homework rituals will help keep your child on-task.

Read at home: Encourage your child to keep reading at home during the holidays. You can find holiday-related books at the library or the local book store that will help your child celebrate the holidays while also reading.

Research holiday traditions: Include some history lessons into your holiday celebrations by researching the history behind some traditions your family celebrates.

Make a countdown calendar: While your child might be counting down the days until Christmas, also have him or her count down the days to winter break. This will help your child know exactly how many more days of school he or she has.