Heppner Flash Flood Warning downgraded to Flood Advisory

Heppner Flash Flood Warning downgraded to Flood Advisory

The National Weather Service has downgraded the Flash Flood Warning issued for Heppner, Ore. to a Flood Advisory.

On Monday morning, NWS issued the warning because a blockage on Hinton Creek was reportedly creating a significant rise upstream. The creek runs along several ranches and also goes through the city’s downtown.

Morrow Co. employees said they acted immediately when they received the alert. They came up with a plan to try to minimize the damage by adding sand bags to certain areas the creek may flood at.

County administrator Darrell Green said they also reached out to ranchers to ask them to keep an eye on their land.

“They’re out there cleaning out the creek to make sure their debris doesn’t wash down and start daming things up,” Green said

Green said they are not too worried about any flood damage but want to make sure they are prepared just in case something does happen.

NWS said they wwill continue to monitor the flooding situation in Heppner. You can visit their Twitter here for any updates.

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