Heritage University loans freezer for vaccine storage

Heritage University Loans Freezer
Credit: Jeffrey Phelps

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — Heritage University is helping with local vaccination efforts by loaning a freezer to the State Fair Park mass vaccination site to store vaccine doses.

The Yakima Health District picked up the freezer from the university Friday and brought it back to the community vaccination center.

Interim Vice President of Finance Jeffrey Phelps said the freezer came from the science department and has not been in use for months. He said they’ll be loaning it out until at least this fall.

In addition to helping with equipment needs, Phelps said medical sciences students have been volunteering their time at local vaccination clinics to assist frontline workers with administering doses.

“Heritage University is happy to be part of this cause through our student volunteers and our equipment and anything else we can do to help us along towards getting past this pandemic,” Phelps said.

Phelps said the university is grateful for the mass vaccination site because the more people who become vaccinated, the closer it brings students to being able to return to in-person learning full time.


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