Hermiston School District reopens wellness clinic

HERMISTON, Ore. – The Hermiston School District Wellness Clinic has reopened, after it closed due to the pandemic.

The district has partnered with Good Samaritan Health System to provide the clinic for students, teachers and teacher dependents inside of Hermiston Senior High School.

“This is just a reopening, now that kids are back in school we want to get the clinic up and going again,” Director of Special Programs for the District Neely McKay said.

“It’s important to the community as a whole, just to be able to provide that service for the district for the students,” Natasha Ellwanger with Good Samaritan added.

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McKay said they’ve offered this clinic for years, but when schools closed, so did the urgent care and reopening the clinic will allow students or staff to get the immediate healthcare they need without waiting in a long line.

“Have a place to go where they don’t have the lines of the urgent care, less school time missed, less absenteeism and
students can get the care that they need,” she explained it’s open to all students, teachers and teacher dependents with the district.

Good Samaritan nurses and a doctor will staff the clinic during it’s opening hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“Gets them in and out really quickly, and I think that’s what’s important: getting them seen, back in school if they
can go to school and limit their wait time at a regular doctor’s office,” Ellwanger, the Urgent Care Practice Manager said.

In the time they’ve been closed, Natasha said they’ve been able to make some improvements to the clinic located inside of the Hermiston High administration office.

“With COVID there wasn’t much we could do about it, but we have updated the clinic a little bit, we’ve got an outside entrance and we’re going to do some more signage so people who drive by will see it,” Natasha hopes with a separate entrance, people will be more inclined to come in.

The clinic offers everything a normal urgent care does, besides onsite x-rays or stitches.

“So it’s just another layer of support that our students get, the first line is go see our school nurses then after that,
or if you have a different type of medical need that the nurse needs to send you on for then the wellness center is a great option,” McKay added.

The clinic is open 9 AM to noon on Mondays and 12-4 PM on Wednesdays.

Students or staff need to bring proof of insurance when visiting.