Homeless youth all you can eat fundraiser

homeless youth
Homeless youth all you can eat fundraiser

A local bar and grill is teaming up with a non-profit to help support the homeless youth in Yakima.

The Little Dutch Inn is hosting an all you can eat crab feed to raise money for Rod’s House, a homeless youth resource center.

The owner of The Little Dutch inn says rod’s house is doing something powerful for the homeless community.

“There’s a lot of homelessness in Yakima and it’s not a good thing, People need to have a place where they can get comfortable to eat. They provide some clean clothes for them if they need them. It’s a really good charity, they do a lot of good work,” Owner of The Little Dutch, Jim Weaver said.

While, the executive director of Rod’s House says with the help of the local community, the local youth they serve, can leave homelessness behind them.

“They come from toxic environments but this is a place they can come for help, it’s a place where they are welcome, it’s a home like environment where people care about them, and we see them come here because they have no other place to go where they can get that sense of home.”

Just in 2016 Rod’s House served over 4,000 hot meals to more than 300 youth experiencing homelessness, and offered more than 465 hours of job coaching.

The Little Dutch Inn fundraiser will take place next Saturday April 22, from five to seven p.m. and all proceeds will go directly to Rod’s House.