Hot Garbage: Benton County firefighters put out flaming trash dumped from sanitation truck

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — What was that nasty smell, you ask? Hot garbage! Benton County firefighters rushed to a residential road on Wednesday morning to help contain a smoking pile of trash that threatened a sanitation truck.

According to the West Richland Police Department and Benton County Fire District #4, firefighters rushed to a residential road for reports of a vehicle fire that they soon learned was something much smellier.

Upon arrival, they learned that a sanitation worker noticed an intense heat terminating from the side of his truck. As it grew hotter, smoke began to stem from inside the trash compactor, threatening to spread flames across the vehicle.

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The quick-thinking sanitation worker emptied the contents of his truck onto a roadway in West Richland. Fire crews quickly rushed to the scene and identified the issue, springing into action to douse the trash heap with water. Shortly after, the fire was put out and present danger was eliminated.

Had the truck driver not acted so quickly, the flames could’ve spread and destroyed his truck—threatening the surrounding area as a result.

Beyond simple residential garbage, heaps of downed branches, similar vegetation, and wood panels made for serious kindling for the fire.

KAPP-KVEW has reached out to local fire officials to learn what caused the flames. An update may be issued if further details are announced.


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