Hot Tamale in Kennewick partners with Operation Red Eye


KENNEWICK, Wash. — Even in the midst of a pandemic, local businesses have found a way to give back to people in need.

On Friday night from 9 to 11 PM, Hot Tamale in Kennewick will host Operation Red Eye, a program that provides free, hot meals and necessities to homeless individuals or those who need some extra help.

When the pandemic started, Operation Red Eye, which is put on by Hope Outreach, had to pause. Luckily, with community support, they’ve been able to restart and serve the Tri-Cities.

Hot Tamale has received several donations from the community like warm clothes and snacks to hand out, in addition to a hot meal.

“A lot of people in the community that have reached out that wanna come help tonight, so I just want everyone to spread the word because not a lot of homeless people know. You don’t have to be homeless, if you don’t have a warm meal tonight, come on down have some tamales champurrado, you’re welcome to come,” Paulina Perez, the Owner said.

Nadia Magallon with Operation Red Eye said they’re just grateful that people are still able to give back during a tough time. She described the huge need for donations in the Tri-Cities.

“It brings tears to my eyes it brings tears to I’m sure everybody’s eyes that there’s still people out here that really still care about the people in their community. We’re here to help, it doesn’t matter who, what, what happened to you, why you’re out there the only reason we’re out here is to help you,” Nadia said.

Hot Tamale said they will host Operation Red Eye the first Friday of every month from now on. If you’d like to get involved with helping out, visit Operation Red Eye through Hope Outreach here.


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