How to Get Rid of Your Fireworks Safely

How to Get Rid of Your Fireworks Safely

The 4th of July holiday has come to an end, but some of you may still have left over fireworks and firework debris.

We spoke with one West Richland family that puts on quite the show for neighbors every year and they said aside from having a good time, their number one concern is always safety.

Friday marked the fourth big Independence Day fireworks show Teresa Michelle and her family have put on for their West Richland community.

Michelle’s son is a certified pyrotechnician and uses his expertise to create a show for the neighborhood.

They said they get hundreds of specatators lining their street but now the question is, what to do with all the left over fireworks?

Michelle said water is your best friend when it comes to making sure your fireworks are completely out.

Soak them in buckets of water for hours.

“After the show I like to make sure the fireworks are all nice and wet and out and check for the ones that do not go off, there’s a always a few that don’t,” said Michelle. “Some of them can just catch on fire and you don’t even know it.”

For those of you that have fireworks that you haven’t set off and feel uncomfortable keeping them, you can turn them into your local police stations.

They will then be turned over the bomb squad which burns them all.