How to have healthy conversations during election season

Election season is here, but it’s also called “trigger season.”

Lara Rohrer, local podcaster who hosts “Difficult Happens” explained how to effectively communicate opinions without aggressive emotional triggers. She said it’s about respect and listening to others.

“I try to ask a lot of questions about people who I don’t agree with or who I assume I don’t agree with,” Rohrer said. “You find that there is a place for agreement. You might agree about one thing and disagree about another thing, and that’s totally fine.”

Rohrer also said it’s important to know about the topic and have clarity in order to have a healthy conversation.

“You don’t need to change other people’s minds or opinions,” she said. “Well, you have to think of what the social and power dynamic is. Where are you? Is this the place where you want to have this conversation? What is your intention? Do you really want to tell Aunt Mabel who’s 100-years-old that she’s wrong about everything? No, to what end?”

Another culprit Rohrer said can trigger the unwanted emotions is social media. She said to unplug and take a breath from politics. If you’re physically talking to someone and something they say is getting to you, she said to simply walk away.

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