How to keep your child studying over summer

How to keep your child studying over summer
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Schools are out for summer, but that doesn’t mean your child’s learning should take a break. Follow these tips to help your child retain his or her knowledge from last school year, and get them prepared for next year.
Play math games: For kids who have to memorize math facts, look for apps and games that help kids with their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Hand-held games can make kids think they’re playing video games, and they allow parents to set a skill level and time limit. Apps will let the kids think they’re playing a game on a phone or an iPad.

Form a reading club: Some local libraries have summer reading programs for kids. These help the kids find books and encourage them to read all summer. If your library doesn’t offer a program then consider forming your own book club. You and your child can select books together and each agrees to read a certain amount of pages per day. Then a couple of times a week have “book club” and discuss the books.

Perform science experiments: Some craft and toy stores sell kits for experiments kids can do at home. Once a week set aside time to focus on science and perform some fun experiments.

Go on field trips: Help your child learn about history and geography by going on field trips around your local area. Find places that have historic significance, or places with unique features that your child can explore and learn about. History and art museums are also great places to visit and learn.