How to prepare for next golf season in winter

Stay healthy on golf course with these tips

Just because the temperatures are cold and there may be snow on the course doesn’t mean it’s too early to start preparing for golf season.

There are several ways you can start preparing for next golf season in the winter months.

Practice putting: Putting is a stroke you can do indoors – even in your home. You can set up a mini putting green in your basement to help work on your stroke. For more of a challenge, see if you can locate an indoor putting green to test your skills.

Work on your swing: Locate an indoor driving range to work on your swing. Some ranges have pros available to give lessons or give you pointers on your swing. You can also practice more casually, just hitting balls a few times a week to get ready for the season.

Prepare your equipment: The winter months are the perfect time to inspect your golf equipment and see what needs to be mended. You can re-grip your clubs, potentially buy new clubs, and stock up on balls and tees to get ready for next season.