How to safely get rid of your boxes from Christmas presents so thieves don’t see them

As you’re unwrapping gifts, you’ll be stacking up those trash bins. But you may want to think twice before leaving those empty boxes on the curb.

Police say putting those empty boxes out for the garbage truck can make your home a target for thieves.

“Be cautious of what you’re throwing away and how you’re throwing it away,” said Richland Police Capt. Chris Lee. “You know, just dispose it to where it can be contained so you’re not leaving your nice new gifts out on display in your yard letting people know what it is you received for Christmas.”

Lee suggests throwing it away a little closer to when the garbage truck is coming around.

“Maybe wait till closer towards the garbage pick-up day and have everything separated and only bring it out right before the pick-up is so that way it’s not out on display for a long period of time,” he explained.

Disposing it in a grocery store dumpster or another store’s trash is normally not allowed, unless you have permission. You can also take it to the dump to be safe. As always, make sure to lock up your home and take all your valuables out of your car.