How you can contribute to organizations around the globe on Giving Tuesday

It’s a day that encourages generosity. Giving Tuesday has been happening since 2012, and has grown since.

Locally, organizations around the Tri-Cities celebrate the day in different ways. The Tri-Cities Cancer Center camps out in front of their building — similar to camping out for Black Friday deals.

“Giving Tuesday is really, you know, about our heart and celebrating the things that make us so unique and so great here at the cancer center,” said Elizabeth McLaughlin, Executive Director at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. “So we’re willing to camp out to celebrate our donors and recognize everything that we do.”

The staff will be outside the building from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They’ll be collecting money, but also donations. You can drop off food, gas cards, hats and more. Money donated on their Facebook page will also be matched by the social media platform.

“The Tri-Cities is incredibly generous, and I honestly think that we’re just, you know, just one of many really worthy organizations in the community that has benefited from that,” McLaughlin explained. “It makes such a difference to know, I think for our patients, that they have a whole community of people who are there behind them.”

Organizations across the world will be celebrating Giving Tuesday. For more information about how you can donate, visit their website.