Huge fire overnight destroys Franklin County home

Franklin Co Fire 7

Franklin County – People waking up north of Pasco in Franklin County may have noticed a tinge of smoke in the air, coming from an early-morning fire off Sagemoor Road.

Fire crews raced to the scene around 3:00 Wednesday morning.  By that point, the house was already ablaze. Fire engines and sheriff’s vehicles had to navigate a narrow dirt road in order to access the building.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that everyone had gotten out of the house safely.  Even as firefighters were working to get the flames under control, investigators began searching for witnesses, trying to determine how the fire started and how it grew out of control.

The house is surrounded by farmland and irrigation canals, which lowered the risk of spreading to other buildings, but may have also made it more difficult for fire crews to get access.

This is a developing story and will be updated.